The future has already begun: it presents itself to companies like digital transformation. The PNRR (Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza, National Recovery and Resilience Plan) invests in it, which supports the post-Covid recovery. How should companies prepare for this development? What tools to rely on? NetValue guides you in deepening this theme: knowing more to choose better.

What is digital transformation?
It is the change of activities, organizational processes, skills and business models that the company carries out through the introduction of new ICT technologies to increase efficiency and competitiveness.

 Corporate digitization: we start from here.
Corporate digitalization is a long-term strategy. It is based on a series of implementations according to a schedule of interventions and periodic checks that attest to the progress achieved. The path may vary from company to company, the starting conditions do not change:

  • broadband-based network infrastructures mainly in optical fibre;
  • IT resources based on scalable and highly reliable cloud technologies.

Enterprise Digitization: Why Choose NetValue..

  • We guarantee the best connectivity solutions on fixed and mobile networks based on agreements with the main national and international operators.
  • We carry out corporate ICT infrastructure projects using the technologies of the most important brands (Cisco, Huawei, Zyxel, Drytech, Snom, Granstream).
  • We offer the most technologically advanced Cloud services of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) in partnership with the main global players: AWS, Google and Microsoft.

NetValue operates at the service of companies through innovative platforms based on customized projects for the digitization of specific processes:

  • Communication and Collaboration Platforms
  • Multichannel Communication and Process Automation Platforms
  • Platforms for the active involvement of citizens by the Local Public Administration
  • IoT and Data collection
  • Platforms for Agriculture 4.0
  • On-premises application migration projects to the cloud
  • Projects for the adoption of the Data Driven Company strategy

Communication platforms and Collaboration
Netvalue offers solutions based on cloud pbxs:

  • NV UC: the Cloud Unified Communication service to manage all business telephony systems in an integrated and simplified way.
  • Microsoft 365: the suite that integrates Exchange mail services, the Collaboration Teams service, the OneDrive cloud storage, file sharing and backup service, MS Office applications, etc.

Multi-channel communication platforms.
Netvalue provides advanced Multichannel Contact Center services thanks to the use of XCally Motion. This platform is able to integrate, in a single point of contact, different modes of communication (telephone, e-mail, fax, sms, social networks, messaging apps such as WhaStApp and Telegram, chat and Voice bot).

Platforms for the active involvement of citizens by the Local Public Administration.
Netvalue provides Local Public Administrations with Cloud services for:

  • the application of the so-called "participatory budget" to allow the participation of citizens in the investment choices of local administrations to improve services
  • the timely information and involvement of citizens in case of critical issues managed by the local structure of the Civil Protection
  • continuous assistance to citizens through the optimization of remote work of municipal offices

IoT and Data collection.
Data acquisition through intelligent devices – called IoT (Internet of Things) – and their storage in structured mode (Data Base) or unstructured (Data Lake) is a widespread practice at the company level. Netvalue has developed important projects, in particular regarding the acquisition of data from meteorological stations, transport systems and metering systems. Specific radio technologies such as LoRaWAN have been used to build private sensor networks.

Platforms for Agricolture 4.0.
Irriga Smart is the NetValue platform that is based on IoT and cloud applications in SaaS (Software as a Service). Irriga Smart allows you to:

  • elaborate the calculation of water needs in the various soils according to the type of cultivation;
  • automatically manage the irrigation phase with the automatic opening and closing of the valves in the field.

Everything is within reach of smartphones: thanks to a specific app it is possible to monitor activities in real time and possibly to intervene remotely in the irrigation phase by interacting directly on the valves positioned in the field.

On-premise application migration projects to the cloud.
Migrating applications from on-premises servers to cloud services is another important step in digital transformation. Netvalue realizes customized projects operating at several levels:

  • transfer of the application from the physical servers to the cloud;
  • re-engineering of business processes to take advantage of the services managed by the cloud provider;
  • complete re-engineering of the application for greater performance (cloud-edge computing approach).

Projects for the adoption of the Data Driven Company strategy.
Data Driven Company is the strategic point of arrival of digital transformation. Business choices are guided by the analysis of the amount of data acquired from the company subsystems (eg IoT) or directly from the Network. The data are processed by Artificial Intelligence algorithms based on Data Analytics or Machine Learning or Deep Learning to identify and implement the best automatic processes in the most disparate areas of application.

Netvalue is innovation and continuous research: the reference for companies that aim at corporate digitization to grow and develop their business. Customized solutions, global consulting and comprehensive support: also for your company.

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