Open your business to new communication horizons.

With cloud PBX control unit solutions and the development of multichannel communication solutions, NetValue provides the tools to enhance the company's communication system by favoring digitization processes.

Cloud IPBX: our solution.


NV UC offre una soluzione completa di centralino telefonico aziendale in cloud. Rispetto alla tradizionale soluzione di PBX “in house” (installato presso la sede del cliente), NV UC offre i seguenti vantaggi:

  1. cost reduction;
  2. increase services and features;
  3. greater efficiency in management;
  4. possibility to activate utilities and provide the service in remote locations (Smart Working).

In addition to PBX services (business corporate), NV UC provides:

  • Presence;
  • Instant Messaging;
  • Online Meetings
Netvalue has also been a certified SNOM since 2016.

Remote Collaboration: our solutions.

NetValue solutions for remote collaboration (Smart Working) are based on Microsoft 365®:

  • Teams to organize online meetings, share files, and collaborate in real time;
  • OneDrive to store and share files and folders in the cloud;
  • Exchange e Outlook for the email and calendars;
  • Apps and Microsoft Office services for Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
  • SharePoint to create team sites and to share information, content, and files on your corporate intranet.

The use of collaboration services allows:

  • easy manage contacts with customers, suppliers and colleagues;
  • integrate and coordinate flexybly team activities team from the office, home, mobility, etc.
  • make information sharing in the company smoother and more structured.

Multi-channel communication: our solutions.


XCALLY is one of the best solutions available on the market forMultichannel Contact Center able to manage contacts by phone, chat, email, sms, fax, video and messaging channels (Social Network, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.).


NetValue provides cloud platforms for instant communication that integrates several messaging systems on a single centralized platform:

  • sms;
  • instant messaging systems: WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

NetValue instant communication platforms are customer relationship/customer support solutions in activities such as:

  • assistance and maintenance services (fault reporting, requests for intervention, etc.);
  • information services;
  • communication services with customers and suppliers.

Choose NetValue: You have the cloud and multi-channel solution customized to your business.