Netvalue's strategy for enterprises connectivity. The APGO wholesalers case at CAAT.


Broadband is a concept that constantly changes, as technological progress evolves. Contrary to what is commonly thought, the connections that exploit broadband are not only physically faster (RTT- Round Trip Time) but are above all more "capacious" and transmit more information per unit of time (Mbps - Megabits per second).

In the last twenty years we have gone from ADSL services, where the speed reached a maximum of 20 Mb / s, to current FTTH services (Fiber To The Home - fiber optic access) with speeds that can exceed Gb / s. (Giga per second). Even in mobile services, the growth has been exponential: from a few bits per second of the first cell phones of the 90s to hundreds of Mbit of smartphones and new generation networks.At the same time, we have had an increase inreliability and a drastic decrease in latency. Fiber optic network technologies are the main enabler and its spread is finally becoming a fact. According to ANSA sources, this year Italy will rank third in the EU for capillary fiber coverage and second for growth in percentage terms (+46%) compared to last year. The increase will continue in the coming years, reaching +136% in 2026 compared to 2020, the fourth highest in the whole Union. It emerges from the market forecasts elaborated by the European fiber association FTTH, the enormous growth potential of Italy in this sector. To push fiber connectivity, in addition to the emergency due to Covid, also the national programs dedicated to digitization and the new EU digital objectives for the five-year period 2025 - 2030.

Netvalue, thanks to the agreements with all the main infrastructured operators (TIM, Fastweb, OpenFiber, WindTre) that have implementednetworks with the latest generation technologies, is able to provide customers with the best customized solutions both on fixed and mobile networks.

One ofthe main projects in collaboration with APGO Servizi (PiedmonteseAssociation of Wholesalers of Fruit andVegetables) has seen us design and provide broadband services to wholesalers with stands at the Consorzio Agro Alimentare di Torino in the Grugliasco area. A network node interconnected to the Internet via afibre optic infrastructure has been positioned withinthe market area, allowing operators in general markets to access the Internet with performance. high (100 Mb symmetrical).

Thanks to broadband, innovative services have been introduced that have both simplified the distribution activity and expanded the commercial channels of agri-food wholesalers by enabling:

  • Sharing of documents with customers and suppliers, including cloud storage and invoicing;
  • Real-time video applications for the management of remote supervision;
  • VoIP technology, with the introduction of guided and automatic response systems in addition to the activation of remote workstations;
  • Multi-channel assistance/consultancy services;
  • Smartworking services with secure VPNs;
  • New channels sales on platforms that are not strictly professional but easy to use for everyone;
  • Back-up /disaster recovery solutions;
  • Remotization and control of industrial plants, e.g. refrigeration systems
  • Agri-food chain management with tracing of the products since the origin.


Thanks to the cloud migration of many applications, the availability of internet access must be 100% to avoid the stop of the production activities. Netvalue as a virtual mobile operator got in a mobile radio backup system that increases the overall reliability/availability of each individual end customer. In the solution implemented at CAAT, each customer can have secondary access via mobile radio which is automatically used in the face of a possible disruption of the primary network.

Netvalue's strongest point is a dedicated assistance, that offers to customers the guarantee of being able to have 100% of the usability of the services offered.

Netvalue's strategy for enterprises connectivity. The APGO wholesalers case at CAAT.