Choose, decide, vote: NV Consulta is democracy


NV Consulta is NetValue's platform that responds the needs of direct and participatory democracy ensuring security and transparency.

1. From the Greek agora to agora 4.0: the evolution of participatory democracy.

Once upon a time there was the agora of Pericles, Athens, 5th century BC. The shared space where citizens competed to decide and find the reason for their citizenship. Over the centuries, democracy has gone through several evolutions to the present day. Today we are talking about virtual democracy, which sometimes cause fear and doubts, yet the answer to the need to feel community, share choices and decision-making paths even remotely passes from here. This is a need that never before in these pandemic times has been felt so deeply. Digitization systems are a fundamental tool for allowing participatory democracy to be exercised without any legal obstacles.

2. NV Consulta: the platform at the service of participatory democracy.

NV Consulta is NetValue's project that fits into this context of digital media for the participatory democracy according to European Union directives. Through consultations, conventions, online consultations and planning forums, new channels open up for both political and social communication, at the service of citizenship in different sectors: entities, associations and Public Administration.

3. Nv Consulta: a single-platform service network.

  1. The NVConsulta digital platform answrers the needs of direct and participatory democracy through:

    • popular consultation;
    • information transparency;
    • bound and secure vote;
    • easy use of all types of devices, from PC to smartphone to fixed voting stations;
    • real-time results reporting;
    • easy use of the service even for protected categories;

    The versatility of the platform allows it to be used by private entities or companies in which votes or closed polls are to be held. The range is wide: from the online voting for administrative offices elections of entities to the simpler resident meetings which increasingly for organizational, logistical or environmental safety reasons do not are possible with the physical presence of the participants.

4. Nv Consulta: the right to vote is exercised easily, quickly, safely.

In addition to the (yes/no) referendum or multiple choice (elections) votes, this platform also makes possible mixed solutions of opinion polls (multiple choice vote). Voting in a democracy is secret, a natural right guaranteed by NV Consulta. Security is the core of the solution, the general architecture keeps the Public Authority environments disjointed from the consultation platform and the personal registry database transmitted and/or queried online. In addition to the highest level of security,NV Consulta guarantees maximum flexibility and customization.


4.1. How to vote? You can choose from several options.

Nv Consulta digital platform allows access from different devices (pc, tablet, smartphone) with easy and intuitive interfaces for anyone. At the same time, it guarantees all the fundamental parameters of a vote: secrecy, freedom, uniqueness for the registered voter.


4.2. Voter authentication, the security of their privacy

The key to the correct management of the vote is voter authentication. The right to vote is obtained only after the check between the user and data on the personal registry database provided by the Public Authoriy. Both database and the whole structure has been designed in such a way that it is in no way possible to trace the preference expressed by the individual voter. Two distinct areas are created: the first one to the participants in the consultation; the second one behaves like an ballot box where preferences are collected. This area can only be consulted for aggregated data decided before the vote.


4.3. How it manages NV data Consult: maximum confidentiality.

At the end of each election or poll round, the answers are stored in a non-scalable and private database from which the results of the survey, in aggregate form, will be extracted exclusively according to the specifications decided by the Public Authority.

The following figure illustrates the outline of the platform developed for a public administration.

Choose, decide, vote: NV Consulta is democracy