Irriga Smart: the smart irrigation system.


Irriga Smart: from NetValue research, the Agricolture 4.0 solution that combines technology, eco-sustainability and economic benefits for manufacturers.

Water is as valuable asset as is vital for agriculture. For this reason it is essential to rely on irrigation techniques that ensure the exact water necessity of the cultivated fields without any waste, while guaranteeing the quality of the product.

NetValue's proposal for this need is: Irriga Smart, this system is able to automate the control of water supply systems. This Agriculture 4.0 project has been tested in Sardinia on the tomatoes' fields: netvalue research is also behind their goodness. An essential contribution to the development of a modern,responsible, high-quality agriculture.

  1. What is Irriga Smart?
  2. What are the advantages of Irriga Smart?
  3. How does Irriga Smart work?
  4. How is Irriga Smart structured?

1. What is Irriga Smart?: the digital solution for remote control of irrigation.

Irriga Smart provides the possibility to remotely manage irrigation flows, identifying the right volume of water for each specific cultivation. Thanks to Irriga Smart, the irrigation time is reduced; remote control no longer requires the presence of the farmer in the field.

2. The advantages of Irriga Smart: lower management costs, higher quality agriculture.

innovation , economy , eco-sustainability according to the principles of Agriculture 4.0 . Firstly, the environment is benefitting : polluting emissions are significantly reduced compared to traditional irrigation systems. The costs associated with the lower use of agricultural vehicles also decrease with consequent higher revenues for the farmer. Finally, with Irriga Smart, the quality of the final product is always guaranteed thanks to the exact supply of water volumes.

3. How Smart Irriga works: the cloud platform keeps everything under control.

A good brain is always synonymous with intelligence, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence. Irriga Smart's brain is its cloud platform, on which depends the perfect operatin of the system . The cloud collects weather information and field measurements to estimate the water needs of the culture and to calculate the volume of irrigation(DSS). It tansmits commands to the remote unit to drive the valves. It receives and processes the volumes of water supplied and organizes the following supply based on the irrigation shifts.

It also simplifies the work of agronomists and farmers who can be supported by a complete network of information and supports. The features of Irriga Smart are the folowing:

  • agro-meteorological data: they are purchased through weather stations located in the territory and connected in IoT (Internet of Things) mode or throughAPI (Application Programming Interface) towards specialized suppliers of this type of information
  • data uploaded by agronomic specialists: they are related to the properties of every single batch/irrigation sector of the company;
  • algorithms for calculating water requirements: they are based on acquired data and weather forecasts and refer to the specific irrigated lot/sector of the company and the different types and types of culture;
  • local controller: it is dedicated to the management of communication with sensors/actuators
  • valve system for remote opening/closing: they are managed through a specific web platform or app;
  • measurement of the quantities of water released into the field for each irrigated batch/sector;
  • indications on the water stress of cultivation;
  • development of reporting systems via the web and by specific app.

How is Irriga Smart structured: its components.

  • Cloud-connected plant control and automation unit: controls the solenoids of the hydro valves, the flow meters, the system pressure sensors.
  • Pressure sensor: Measures the supply pressure. It allows you to check the availability of water and alert the farmer in case of absence.
  • Supply water filtration unit: filters the water that arrives from the ditches of the irrigation consortium with the aim of identifying and eliminating any pieces of wood or other materials avoiding clinging to the drip irrigation system.
  • Hydro valves with bistable solenoids controlled by the control unit .The control unit is wired to the supply valve and a number of industry valves ranging from 1 to 5.
  • Water flow sensors for flow measurement flow sensors or volumetric sensors are used. The measurement is transmitted to the Irriga-Smart platform through the control unit acquirer.

Irriga Smart è un progetto a cura di NetValue in collaborazione con 3a Srl.

Irriga Smart is a NetValue's project in collaboration with 3a Srl. The system is one of the facilitable assets Tax credit 40% as it is included in Annex A according to Law No. 232 of 11 December 2016.

Irriga Smart: the smart irrigation system.