How to choose the right PBXs for your company: NetValue recommendations.


Today, companies aim to communicate within themselves and the rest of the world in an increasingly easy, fast and secure way. The choice of the telephone switchboard has – as the pivot on which the communication revolves – a strategic value in terms of business performance. How to choose the switchboard? And what solution to orient yourself towards? NetValue answers these questions, focusing on some aspects that absolutely must be taken into account.

Where to start.

From the company, first of all. It is necessary to have a series of technical-quantitative data, including lines, interiors, resources. In addition, it is necessary to know what will be the needs of the organizational structure in which to insert the switchboard (eg .: services, required functions, applications, number of locations and any teleworkers). Finally, it is important to know the architecture of the existing telephone network.

Because the "old switchboard" has had its day.

ISDN/analog switchboards - although still supplied in many realities - suffer from lack of flexibility and adaptability to new business dynamics that require frequent changes in organizational and logistical structures. An example for everyone: "the old switchboard" cannot be integrated with external online systems, such as CRM and management. In addition, it is difficult to manage multi-site solutions and remote workstations (e.g. smart working). On the contrary, the new generation switchboards ensure:

  • economic savings compared to fixed fees and investments;
  • flexibility and customization of the system;
  • scalability and interoperability with phones from different manufacturers.

Why choose VoIP PBXs.

VoIP PBXs (IP-PBXs) are based on a software solution that offers a range of additional functions and integrations to ensure better communication within the workplace:

  • telephone terminals (physical or virtual telephones) use the wired or wi-fi network.
  • Internal removals are easy and not onerous, just move a phone and connect it to a LAN socket.
  • The integration with external IT systems (centralized telephone address books, management systems – CRM, document management) looks like a normal software development.

VoIP solutions allow the optimized management of voicemail, intercoms, phone call queues. You can use external speakers for messaging, communication, alarms; track/enable/filter calls and even manage mobile phones as if they were internal.

 IP-PBX: what you need to know.

IP-PBXs are divided into two types: on premise, i.e. physical, on-premises and virtual.

The on-premise type is linked to the type of telephone line to the public network (RTG, ISDN BRI and PRI, VoIP) which is available in the cliente. For traditional PBXs, you must have a suitable room for the installation of the PBX and an appropriate protected power supply.

Virtual IP PBXs use often shared cloud services; the connection with the IP terminals in the customer's premises is made by means of network connections with a high degree of security. Scalability, pay per use and broadband connection that is reaching more and more locations are some of the trump cards of this type.

The advantage of choosing a cloud solution.

It is ideal in scenarios with telemarketing activities, smart-working, peripheral offices, seasonal openings, temporary or mobile workstations. The smart office expresses a modus operandi that refers to the set of devices, applications and digital infrastructures allowing you to collaborate efficiently at any time, from anywhere. In the field of the digital workplace there are three characteristics to be met: security, productivity, technological solutions for communication and collaboration. The cloud PBX is the hinge between collaboration and communication tools: it ensures the protection and confidentiality of company data (voice encryption);; facilitates the increase in productivity thanks to the possibility of doing your work anywhere. These strengths are found in the cloud proposed by NetValue: NVUC. . It uses a secure and reliable platform, installed in Amazon Web Services server farms that meets European regulations (GDPR compliant). It supports various types of IP phones and softphones that can be installed on different types of devices.

Case history: the NetValue solution for Newpenta Service.

Newpenta Service is a leader in commercial mail and distribution of flyers (delivery of thousands of flyers every hour) with branches operating in central-northern Italy. The management and planning processes are coordinated from the headquarters in Monza, within the Newpenta Lab: it is the center of the company's creative and technological thinking, where the first Newpenta Service brand software was born, the JOG AND POST System©.

To maintain contact with offices, employees, customers, suppliers and manage faxes automatically, Newpenta has relied on NetValue for the choice of the switchboard. In collaboration with S.In.tec we have detected the needs and installed IP resources on premise (telephones, intercoms, virtual phones) that offer maximum reliability and scalability over time. Opening, closing, moving warehouses and resources has become simple; the same applies to the management of calls between different locations both according to the workload and the time. The integration with the intercom systems has allowed an optimization of resources increasing safety. Newpenta can centralize and manage calls from the headquarters through specialized personnel, providing customers with local telephone numbers for each individual location, in order to maintain a close territorial link. The growth of the system took place linearly with the development of the company. The company has not faced any initial investment since the times for the extensions are fast and carried out only in the face of real needs.

Thanks to its technical skills, including "Certified Engineer SNOM", its experience in the field and its presence on the territory , NetValue is able to design, install, deliver and manage the solution that best suits the needs of the customer.

How to choose the right PBXs for your company: NetValue recommendations.