Fixed and mobile connectivity:

Borderless internet with NetValue.

Corporate digitalization necessarily requires secure and performing network access.

NetValue is able to evaluate and provide the most suitable internet solution to ensure connection in all conditions, even the most difficult.

NetValue Support Service

always near to your company.

  • We can solve every connection problem.
  • We guarantee direct assistance: each report is managed by a NetValue consultant.
  • We ensure fast intervention with quick resolution of problems.


NetValue solutions for your company connectivity.

NetValue is a fixed network operator. It has developed a large portfolio of:

  • Internet access services and solutions: FTTH optic fiber broadband access (up to the Customer's premises) and FTTCab (optic fiber up to the Cabinet, street cabinet); SDSL and ADSL access, Wireless broadband access in areas where wired (terrestrial) broadband services are not available.
  • Voip telephony services including numbering and telephone traffic.
  • NetValue è Operatore Mobile Virtuale (MVNO) che mette a disposizione con il marchio NVmobile un’ampia gamma di servizi di rete mobile realizzata per soddisfare le esigenze di comunicazione mobile aziendale. NVmobile rende disponibili alle aziende servizi di rete mobile sia voce che dati.
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Choose NetValue: You have the connectivity solution customized to your business.