IoT and Big Data:

the combination that improves productivity in the company.

Better products ensure greater competitiveness: : IoT and Big Data represent the winning combination to achieve the digitalization of business processes and achieve this goal.


The use of smart device connected to the Network (IoT) it is possible to collect a huge amount of data concerning both the performance of production machines and environmental information.


Another strength point of the corporate digitalization process. Big Data is the storage and the processing system of very large volumes of data collected by IoT devices: the indispensable reference point for the development of new strategies.


NetValue designs IoT solutions that integrate various service components:

  • Mobile data network service for data acquisition from sensor / equipment networks and for the acquisition of images and / or surveys carried out by mobile operators via specific App.
  • Acquisition and integration of data from external dBase.
  • Interface for specific processing of elementary data.
  • Interaction and data exchange with Big Data platform for predictive analysis of events.

Choose NetValue: IoT and Big Data systems customized to your company.