IoT & Big Data

Application solutions that combine IoT (Internet of Things), Big data and AI Machine Learning in order to improve business productivity.

Iot (Internet of things)

The use of smart devices (iot devices) connected in a network developed for the optimization of company procedures, capable of collecting enormous amounts of data regarding device performance and user habits, through integrated sensors (IoT).

Big Data

The storage and the processing of the enormous amount of data and information are collected by IoT devices which aim is to develop new strategies that can improve the user experience and the commercial performance of a product (Big Data).

A combination that optimizes processes and reduces consumption

Several sectors of the economy are benefiting enormously from IoT / Big Data / AI Machine Learning applications, such as the agricultural sector: where the use of small sensors in cultures, the analysis of the data they collect and machine learning technologies they allowed a considerable increase in productivity, optimizing consumption and the benefits of the season.

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