Infrastucture Cloud Solutions


Netvalue makes managed IT services available to the customer. Solutions that give the opportunity to exploit a wide range of IT services that include fully managed virtual Windows and Linux servers. Thanks to these solutions, the company frees itself from the presence of technological infrastructures and uses them as a cloud service. Hence the expression “Iaas” (infrastructure as a service).

Netvalue is a partner of leading national providers to satisfy any specific customer need.

What IT services are. Why choose Cloud management

To understand what managed IT services are we must first understand the meaning of “IT”:

Acronym of information technology, “IT” is an expression that indicates all that set of tools, computers and telecommunications equipment for storing, retrieving, transmitting and processing data “.

This is the systemic IT component of a company or, in other words, of the basic technological infrastructure of today’s companies.

All those activities ranging from the management of client-side issues to the maintenance and development of corporate data centers fall within IT.

Cloud managed IT services: advantages

If before all this equipment was physically located within the company, today it is possible to transfer it to the cloud.

The advantage is to lighten the company from a whole series of problems and tasks such as maintenance, monitoring, system patch update, regular verification of operation, virus protection, backup and capacity verification restoration; of the verification on the residual disk space, of the control on the health status of the disks of the RAID, etc …

In essence, from the moment in which it is possible to delegate all these problems, which do not belong to the company’s core business, to an external provider, the company can be really free to concentrate on the development of applications and processes central to the business.

Infrastructural cloud solutions Netvalue

NV VDC (Virtual Data Center)

It is the IaaS Cloud service that allows the activation of virtual servers in a VMware environment that can be dynamically configured based on the needs of CPU, RAM and disk space of Customers with Windows Server operating systems or with various open source Linux distributions (Debian, Centos, Ubuntu ) including incremental backups, antivirus, firewalls, MS SQL Server Licenses, public IP addresses.

What is a virtual data center

It is a service that allows the company with a physical data center to eliminate it by using a regular data center. The latter is a cloud environment that allows companies to have a virtual server space.

NV Backup Cloud

It is the backup as a service solution based on market leading platforms, fully automated and able to guarantee data protection and business continuity.

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