AI Machine Learning

Application solutions that combine the IoT (Internet of things), Big Data and AI Machine Learning in order to improve business productivity.

IA Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning through machines learn increasingly efficient, fast and streamlined ways to operate (AI Machine Learning).

A combination that optimizes processes and reduces costs

Several sectors of the economy are benefiting enormously from IoT / Big Data / AI Machine Learning applications, such in agriculture, where the sensors are used directly in the field, the analysis of the data they collect and machine learning technologies have allowed a noticeable increase in productivity,  optimizing treatments and reducing operating costs or as the  industrial sector where customer satisfaction is greatly increased with predictive maintenance.

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Real time Chatbot for support and informations

Chatbot technology helps you engage and convert any site visitor into a customer, whenever they access your site.
Netvalue develops Chatbot solutions that help you provide high-quality, real-time and personalized assistance, support and information services at anytime from anywhere via mixing human and automatic fast support, at a lower cost, using the latest AI technologies.

Netvalue’s Chatbot solutions integrate natural language understanding technology to design and build conversational user interfaces. Customers will be able to request and obtain information without having to make telephone calls to interact with operators and Customer Services will be able to automate assistance management by significantly reducing the activity carried out by support staff and increasing efficiency in the event of peak requests.

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Next to providing personalized assistance and information services, our chatbot solutions are able to manage complex sales processes (product orders, reservations), technical assistance (trouble ticketing), post-sales administrative services, etc., integrating (via API) with business management systems.

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