When we need the connection most, this is never there. Has it ever happened to you to find yourself in a remote mountain village and not being able to use Google Maps? Or, have you ever happened to be in the middle of a work emergency and you are unable to communicate with anyone because your operator is out of range?

When, for business or for other reasons you just can’t afford to have connection problems, we recommend that you

1) equip yourself with a smartphone with dual sim technology (or check that you don’t already have it on your device). It will come in handy in different situations.

2) use the “hot spot” function though a friend/colleague’s device.

Today we will talk about the first solution: Dual Sim technology

‘Dual sim’ means that you have the possibility to insert and use two different sim cards inside the same smartphone.

This type of technology comes in two variants:

  • The first allows only one SIM to work at a time, while the other SIM remains in standby (DSDS – Dual Sim Dual Standby)
  • The second one allows the two SIMs to always remain connected to the network. Example: you can pause a call by switching to the other without losing the connection.

However, this technology involves a greater energy expenditure. Therefore the battery charge will be shorter.

Two cards and two different operators: More chances to stay connected

If you have a dual sim smartphone, make sure you choose two different operators for each card. In this way, when the operator of the first sim will have difficulty connecting to the network, you will compensate with the second.

If this is not enough, we recommend that you have a second smartphone with a third SIM connected to a third operator.

Other advantages that the dual sim can bring into our lives

Economic advantages

More choice available translates into greater savings: If you have two sims with different operators you can choose to use one or the other service (sms rather than calls) based on the convenience of the tariff plan offered by the operators. For example, you can choose to use the sms function with the A operator and calls with the B.

More privacy

With Dual Sim technology you can use and manage two different numbers on one device. Many times we prefer to separate working life from private life. Today this division involves our smatphones first and foremost.

We could therefore use a sim for work and one for private life.

The “hot spot” function

When you have no alternative and you need urgently hook up to the network, you can ask a friend or colleague to be able to use the hotspot feature on his device.

But we will talk about this next time.