On November 6th from 3pm to 7pm, Netvalue took part in the 46th edition of the Corporate Meeting, organized by the Torino Wireless Foundation and Polo ICT, at “Copernico – Turin Garibaldi headquarters”.

An important event in which was discussed about technological evolution, mobile network and the latest proposals and solutions developed by the companies present at the meeting.

These are companies belonging to Polo ICT , an association that brings together small and medium-sized companies, large enterprises, universities, research organizations and innovative start-ups that operate in the Piedmont area.

The objective of the Polo is to develop innovation and increase the competitiveness of companies, supporting them in the development of research projects with high technological content with strong potential and impact on the local economics.

The “Corporate Meeting Mobile Technology” was therefore a moment of interesting discussions on ideas, obstacles and about an imminent future full of news and changes.

From the past to new technologies

The topics discussed were about new technologies and about how “the mobile ecosystem has grown exponentially in the last few years” being still a flow in full growth “thanks also to new technologies of voice recognition, biometrics, virtual and augmented reality, home automation , 5g and much more” (source: torinowireless.it).

After that, the other companies at the meeting presented their innovative products and services.

corporate meeting

Image courtesy of the Torino Wireless Foundation

Netvalue discussion

We, at Netvalue, thanks to Torino Wireless, have often the opportunity to talk about new projects, always remembering where we started from.

Our path has been long and full and many changes have been made.

Theese are part of our working spirit:

  • continuous adaptation to new technologies;
  • be prepared to catch and recognize the ways for innovation that will make a real difference in the near future.

Experience and highly specialized know-how at the base of the development of new technologies.

The structure of the debate reflects what is the history and experience of Netvalue: new technologies that start from a solid evolutionary experience and in continuous growth.

Evolutionary experience that finds its foundations in a solid decade of experience in the IT and new technology sectors, and on a highly specialized and continuously updated know-how.

These are the two poles that allow the development of new technologies that are able to find intelligent and competitive applications and integrations.

Road to new technologies

The Netvalue team, after a brief excursus on what has been its history and on what is currently its mission, has brought its contribution by talking about a theme that is catalyzing the attention of all the specialists in the “new technology” sector. “, i.e. what  what will be the “Applications Towards 5g “.

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