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More efficiency for companies

Netvalue cloud solutions make it possible to make different corporate environments and procedures more efficient, as well as to relieve the company of burdensome management activities that take away time, resources and attention from the main business, that is, aimed at generating profits.

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From the digital innovation project to the optimization of processes

Once the digital innovation project has been developed through a consulting phase, Netvalue concretely accomplish a large part of the business process optimization plan through its cloud solutions.

Infrastructure Cloud Solutions

Solutions that offer the possibility to use a large selection of IT services that contains Windows and Linux virtual server totally managed.

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Multichannel Communications Solutions

Cloud solutions for multichannel communication today are mandatory: Every company is intended, even more, to have customers live everywhere in the world.

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Industry Solutions 4.0

Development of technical solutions built ad hoc oriented to industrial processes optimization and achievement of business goals.

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Agriculture Solutions 4.0

Cloud Solutions for “Agriculture 4.0” are solutions that develope a virtuous interaction between agronomist science and Industry 4.0 tecnologies, becoming possible to get a precise agriculture.

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Dematerialization Cloud Solutions

Technological solutions to accompany industries inside the gentle phase of dematerialization and document management in offices and archives.

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Personalized Cloud Solutions

Netvalue develope technological solutions tailored for different business goals to get better, get faster and streamline processes, actions and operations for every business reality.

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