Cloud Solutions for Multi-Channel communication

Cloud solutions for multi-channel communication are fundamental today:

Every company is destined, more and more, to have customers located anywhere in the world.

To interact with the company’s customer service, they will use different communication channels simultaneously.

XCALLY: a cloud multi-channel solution

XCALLY is the multi-channel solution that allows you to better manage all requests. It is in fact a solution that provides one of the best multi-channel user experiences for voice, chat, email, SMS, fax and other channels (social media, video …) through standard APIs.

The supervisors benefit from real time Dashboards that are effective and appreciated throughout the world: XCALLY is currently used at customer care in over 50 countries, thanks to its simplicity of installation, setup and use.

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Unified Communication Solutions. It is a solution that includes the possibility for companies to “move” their telephone exchanges on the network, avoiding all those expenses and charges that imply leaving them physically “at home”.

Unified Communication Solutions: how do they work

NV UC is the Cloud communication platform that integrates

  • PBX services (acronym for Private Branch Exchange, ie a private telephone network used within a company);
    and video conferencing, presence, instant messaging, online meetings with content sharing, audio conferencing and fax center

allowing you to simplify the way you work, even on the move.

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