Infrastructure cloud solutions:

the cloud that makes the difference.

Streamline, simplify, speed up: the new challenges of competitiveness involve the function of Information Technology inside the company. With cloud systems, the data management infrastructure system is transferred from physical to virtual space.

The company can count on the reduction of the activities in carried out by the internal structure: the Service Provider makes available both the processing infrastructure and system services, from maintenance to server monitoring, from management to update from security to backup policies, etc.

NetValue is partner of the most important national and international cloud computing providers to meet any customer need.


NetValue infrastructure cloud solutions.


NV VDC is the managed Virtual Data Center service in a Cloud environment that allows to replace your business physical servers.

The IaaS Cloud service allows the activation of virtual server, both Windows and open source Linux (Debian, Centos, Ubuntu), dynamically configurable (CPU, RAM and disk space) based on the customer's needs with solutions including backup, antivirus, firewall, basic software licenses (MS SQL Server, MS Terminal Server...), networking (public IP addresses, VPNs, firewalls...).


The Backup as a Service solution - based on market leading platform and fully automated - is able to guarantee both data protection (ensuring the integrity of data, archives and applications to make them usable, if necessary, by retrieving/restoring them) and the business continuity of the servers and Data Centers (ensuring the operational continuity of IT services in case of prolonged unavailability of the company Data Center).

The service provides:

  • secure, scalable backups; 
  • on-site and off-site data protection;
  • backup and restore of any type of data, anywhere and anytime (backups of physical and virtual servers, clients, disks and volumes, files).

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