What business digitalisation is and why it is increasing its importance

The expression “business digitalization” means:

                                                  “The transformation of traditional business processes, into computer-based processes, with certain levels of automation”.

Digital innovation is now considered, at a unanimous level, an important opportunity that companies can exploit to consolidate and increase their presence on the market.

Every company carries out a series of activities that involves the use of time, resources and often onerous budgets. Several companies even invest more in activities that are only supportive of the main business, rather than those that are likely to generate profits directly.

Many of these processes can be speeded up, simplified, automated and / or made more efficient thanks to technology.

digitalizzazione aziendale

  • Cut down time and costs;
  • Optimize business processes at all levels: from administration to process automation, up to machine learning  and software 4.0;
  • Enhance market competitiveness.These are the goals of a good business digitalization project.

Examples and advantages


Here are some examples that can give a concrete idea of what business digitization is and its advantages:

Cloud server: choice that relieves the company from the costs of assistance, upgrade, investment in technologies etc …;

Dematerialization and document archiving: saving of time and paper material, speed of access and searching of archived documents.

Mobile apps: offers opportunities for interaction from the mobile, systems control, statistics consultation.