Blockchain is a solution that allows the company to demonstrate immediately its correctness and transparency , to customers and partners.

An extra card to play in the market competition.


Blockchain is guarantee of reliability and transparency, is a solution that allows the company to demonstrate its correctness and credibility both to partners and to its customers.

It started with Bitcoin , now it is developed as a platform for managing transactions and exchanges of information and data even in completely different sectors, far from finance and payment.

A system based on traceability, control, consent and validation

It is a system based on the traceability, control, consent and validation of every production system procedure, by all the network components (so-called nodes).

The whole is accompanied by the incorruptibility of data guaranteed by cryptographic techniques and the privacy given by the impossibility of tracing back to the subject who carried out the operation.

Blockchain: why is it important in a production system?

Blockchain represents a new kind of Trust, in the digital world.

It is a technology that develops a new type of relationship between the production sectors, allowing everyone the opportunity to verify, to have total transparency on all operations: every procedure, every decision is recorded in immutable and shared archives having the characteristic of being unalterable, unchangeable and therefore immune from corruption.

How does it work

It includes the sharing of a register between the nodes of a network (nodes are the participants of the blockchain and are physically constituted by the servers of each participant). This register is structured like a chain of blocks containing the transactions – that is data that represent the values ​​object of “exchange” and that need to be verified, approved and then archived – and whose validation is entrusted to a consensus mechanism, distributed on all network nodes. The main features of blockchain technologies are the immutability of the register, the traceability of transactions and the security based on cryptographic techniques.